"WE ARE OBSESSED WITH VAL. We first met Valerie in 2016, we actually found her over an Instagram hashtag! She flew up to Portland from San Diego to do our engagement shoot, and it was nothing short of an amazing adventure. What made it even better though is how at ease she made us feel in front of the camera; we seriously forgot our photos were being taken! If that hadn't already solidified to us that we needed her to shoot our wedding, her photos blew us away. One thing that really impressed me about Valerie was her background and talent in the visual arts. I'm an art student, so I am educated in this as well, and her deep knowledge of colors, tones, composition, etc., truly shows in her work (she also has the most creative/unique ideas for shoots, SERIOUSLY GIVE HER CREATIVE CONTROL she won't let you down!!!!).

She did an incredible job on our wedding day as well, and now not only do we make sure we book a shoot with her every time she's in the Pacific Northwest, but we've become REALLY good friends (seriously though, she even stayed with us the last time she came up and it was so much fun).

We seriously couldn't recommend her enough!"




"Valerie is one of the few photographers I can count on to be inclusive! I don't often meet a lot of people at weddings or parties that end up pleasantly surprising me in this way, but she are definitely one of them. I'm so glad we met and that she's unafraid to do the right thing, no matter what. There are so many people who's hearts are in the right place but won't stand for what they believe in because of "how it might impact their business", and I absolutely applaud Valerie for being a trailblazer."


"Valerie was the best photographer ever for my wedding. Her work is stunning and I'm SO happy she did our photos. My husband kept saying how much he loved how perfectly she kept the day moving and that it felt perfect."